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Monday, October 17, 2005

No no drama

IM FREE! I recently got rid of my shit hole job #2...a snackbar girl at Lakeside golfcourse. I had been working there for almost 5 years until a few things happened. Last week I was planning a trip to Wisconsin to visit Beth and I had requested off like so long ago. So one of my best friends denise does the schedule and couldnt give me one of the days I got it covered by this other lady. So Thursday night they decide to tell me that she's been sick all week and I need to get my shift covered...So i'm like what the fuck it shouldnt be on me anyways and why tell me NOW, a day before I leave for my trip? So im thinking ok you guys can kiss my f*cking white ass if you think i'm gunna cut my trip short so that i can work. There was literally no one who could cover for me so I thought screw this they can find someone their self. Let me ask you this...If you worked with one of your best friends and heard news that they were going to get fired that day if they were late, would you tell them? Or at least give them a heads up like don't be late today? Ok, well maybe some people are bad friends but I would let that person know. Denise informs me AFTER I get off that they were going to fire me that day if i was late. WHAT THE FUCK??? what kind of friend does that? She claims "Its not my responsibility." Of course its not your responsibility to let me know not to be late...but as a friend its like an unspoken duty that if your put in that situation, you should speak up. Anyways, i no longer work at "Lakeside Country Club" which is only filled with alchoholics to begin with, so i'm happy. Moral of the story...even if you hate your job, stay for 5 years for free golf.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Bethany said...

hahhaha... great moral to that story! I still dont know how to play golf Jenna! Once I tryed to hit a ball in gym class and only hit dirt, it was horrifying!!!!!

Who cares about Lakeside anyway!! They all smell like rotten cottage cheese and lima beans! haha.. dont know where that came from?!

LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxo

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

We are from the Summit City too! We love Fort Wayne!!!


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