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Saturday, October 15, 2005

check it out...

last night i got off work early 1. because i had major crampolas and 2. i wanted to see my man. so i went to his house and there sits him, his roomate and friend playing madden 6...whopdie fuckin do. ok girls, have you ever felt so bored and awkward when you're around guys playing nintendo? its so retarded because they get so excited and rowdy and your a girl so your like ok what the fuck do i do...sit here and act like im interested? so i go out and drink 7 and 7 and watch nothing else but napolean. thank god my friend anna came to my rescue to watch harold and kumar go to white castle...which is sounding pretty damn good right now...mmm those tiny little burgers. god my mouth is salivating right now just thinking about it. Anyways my night didnt turn out bad.

Tonight is another story. I have to close at my shit end job. I'm just getting a little t-oed because my favorite manager dan whose like ey yo im from chicaaago dont fuck with me kinda guy...just got fired/quit whatever. he lied and said he was in jail so that he didnt have to come to work...what ever happened to i'm sick with the flu? so he's gone and now some crazy lady pam is gunna replace him. *note to anyone who has ever served before: munchies is the most fucked up drama inflicted shit hole ever. It's cool b/c we can get fucked up on the job and no one cares what you do but for a JOB its no good. And i will definately be there tonight until midnight or later. Damn. I need to make some sweet moo-lah.
peace out


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