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Thursday, October 20, 2005

take me to funkytown

Today I go downtown to check out Gus's new restaurant. Gus is Dan's cousin ( my manager from the Munch) and they want me to work mornings at this new shin dig. Its a little sketchy b/c its at this building thats been changed like 10 times in the past 2 i'm not so sure yet. But today i'm just going to check it out. Dan's way more low key than Gus, but i'm hoping its not gunna be like crack deals out the back door and shit like that. Maybe it'll be crazy underground madness that only cool people know about. I hope this fuckin place makes some sweet moo lah, gosh.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crazy in Luv<3

I'm just going to get straight to the point...

Last night my boyfriend of 5 months said he was in love with me.

My views on being "in love"...

I only want to be in love once. I could LOVE hundreds of boys and men throughout my life but I only want to be "in love" just once. And be with that person for the rest of my life. All the stats on divorce and how many married men cheat and all that scares me! I dont want to be another statistic! I don't want to let myself fall in love easily because I dont want to cheat myself out of that feeling...knowing that your IN LOVE with the one and only person you want to be with forever. When I get married someday I want to marry the one and only man I've ever been IN LOVE with and be able to look him in his eyes and honestly say (*in my Kip voice) "I'm 110% sure your my soulmate." Don't get me wrong I love Josh (my bf) I really really do. But I'm scared to fall in love with him or admit if I am. I'm young and have all my life to fall in love. But what if its my time now? What if he is the man I want to marry? Ok girls, I know all of us do this when we date new guys, and dont even deny it because we all do it. We all picture what it would be like marrying the guy we're with. We think about walking down the aisle towards him and having kids and a house...we do it, don't lie to yourself! I've thought about marrying Josh and yes, in a few years if we're still together then we'll know its meant to be and i will marry him. But if we do that with all the guys we date, how do we know that the man we're going to marry is the one? What if we're close to finding the one but we picked the wrong one a little too soon? Does that mean that we're doomed with this person for the rest of our lives or until divorce is in the picture?

Things are really good with us and he's the only real relationship I've ever had. He treats me with respect and knows that I'm going to do my own thing every once in a while and I do the same for him. He goes out with his boys sometimes and sure I'm jealous and want to be with him, but thats normal. I just feel like sometimes I'm on my toes with him...its like I love him so much that I dont want to make him mad, so sometimes I wont tell him how I really feel to keep us out of a fight that I know will happen. Dont think that Im a people pleaser or anything, I just want to avoid a fight or arguement if I can. Don't get me wrong if he's doin something to piss me off I'll fuckin let him know it, but if its something stupid that will blow up for nothing, then of course i'm going to keep my mouth shut. Just think of it as I love him so much I overlook the bullshit that could keep us apart.

more later, <3jj

Monday, October 17, 2005

No no drama

IM FREE! I recently got rid of my shit hole job #2...a snackbar girl at Lakeside golfcourse. I had been working there for almost 5 years until a few things happened. Last week I was planning a trip to Wisconsin to visit Beth and I had requested off like so long ago. So one of my best friends denise does the schedule and couldnt give me one of the days I got it covered by this other lady. So Thursday night they decide to tell me that she's been sick all week and I need to get my shift covered...So i'm like what the fuck it shouldnt be on me anyways and why tell me NOW, a day before I leave for my trip? So im thinking ok you guys can kiss my f*cking white ass if you think i'm gunna cut my trip short so that i can work. There was literally no one who could cover for me so I thought screw this they can find someone their self. Let me ask you this...If you worked with one of your best friends and heard news that they were going to get fired that day if they were late, would you tell them? Or at least give them a heads up like don't be late today? Ok, well maybe some people are bad friends but I would let that person know. Denise informs me AFTER I get off that they were going to fire me that day if i was late. WHAT THE FUCK??? what kind of friend does that? She claims "Its not my responsibility." Of course its not your responsibility to let me know not to be late...but as a friend its like an unspoken duty that if your put in that situation, you should speak up. Anyways, i no longer work at "Lakeside Country Club" which is only filled with alchoholics to begin with, so i'm happy. Moral of the story...even if you hate your job, stay for 5 years for free golf.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

F*ckin Nina!

ok so my friend nina hasnt always been the smelliest turd in the pile but she did the dumbest thing ever this past weekend. my friend denise and her were at lakeside (the golfcourse i USED to work at, i'll get to that later) and nina was driving her car to another bar called bottoms up down the road. when she leaves the bar with her friend and proceeds back to lakeside to get her car, it wasnt there...(it was at bottoms up) so she fuckin calls it in stolen! her dumbass forgot she drove and where her car when she figures out where it is she calls back to undo her police report. fuckin idiot.

check it out...

last night i got off work early 1. because i had major crampolas and 2. i wanted to see my man. so i went to his house and there sits him, his roomate and friend playing madden 6...whopdie fuckin do. ok girls, have you ever felt so bored and awkward when you're around guys playing nintendo? its so retarded because they get so excited and rowdy and your a girl so your like ok what the fuck do i do...sit here and act like im interested? so i go out and drink 7 and 7 and watch nothing else but napolean. thank god my friend anna came to my rescue to watch harold and kumar go to white castle...which is sounding pretty damn good right now...mmm those tiny little burgers. god my mouth is salivating right now just thinking about it. Anyways my night didnt turn out bad.

Tonight is another story. I have to close at my shit end job. I'm just getting a little t-oed because my favorite manager dan whose like ey yo im from chicaaago dont fuck with me kinda guy...just got fired/quit whatever. he lied and said he was in jail so that he didnt have to come to work...what ever happened to i'm sick with the flu? so he's gone and now some crazy lady pam is gunna replace him. *note to anyone who has ever served before: munchies is the most fucked up drama inflicted shit hole ever. It's cool b/c we can get fucked up on the job and no one cares what you do but for a JOB its no good. And i will definately be there tonight until midnight or later. Damn. I need to make some sweet moo-lah.
peace out